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I discovered the benefits of yoga in 2010 and soon realized that I found a tool to help me navigate through life with more awareness, balance, clarity, and ease. Inspired to share this gift, I completed my first formal 200hr teacher training with Simon Low in 2015.

Forever a student of the practice, I explored a variety of disciplines through teacher trainings and extended workshops with brilliant teachers, such as Kristin Campbell, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Norman Blair, Marcus Veda and Shiva Rea. During my journey with yoga, I travelled around the globe, teaching in different locations, from retreat centres in Colombia and Spain to busy studios in London.


Complimenting my asana and pranayama practice and teaching, I also delved deeper into mindfulness-based meditation practices and yoga nidra. I found these particularly useful in my own life, and I now integrate them into my yoga teaching, as well as offer them as standalone classes and workshops.

I have been passionate about sound and music since I was a child. Following 12 years of musical training in piano, I discovered and began to use Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and other therapeutic instruments. I studied with various teachers in Nepal and Europe, including gong master Don Conreaux and have been offering sound therapy sessions and sound baths since 2015.

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