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Private & Corporate 

Workplace yoga, meditation and sound baths

Having a program of wellbeing for your company is probably the smartest investment you can make this year. I offer regular and one-off sessions at your workplace or at a studio space near you. Let it be a class or a wellness day, here's why you should give it some thought...

  • Allows your team to bond while improving physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Provides an alternative social event for your team.

  • Gives a mental and physical boost to kick off the day, or prepare for the after-lunch/ after-dinner round of work.

  • Relieves stress and increases mindfulness in the workplace, which leads to higher productivity and work place satisfaction.

  • Great for fitness, toning and flexibility, counteracting the day of hunching over the desk/computer/phone.


Pricing per hour ranges from £150 to £250 inc VAT depending on location, time and needs. Online sessions also available. Get in touch to enquire.

Private yoga for individuals / small groups

There are many reasons to book a private session...

  • Refine alignment and understanding of poses so that you can get more from public classes

  • Work towards specific asanas or strengthen/open an particular area of your body

  • Develop sequences for self -practice

  • Troubleshoot reoccurring problems or explore injury management


I offer yoga, sound massage, mindfulness and meditation classes one-to-one or for small groups.


I can come to a location of your choice or join you online, to teach a bespoke session, tailored to your needs.​ Sessions can happen online, at a London/Surrey location of your choice or in my Ealing studio.


One hour sessions range from £75 to £150 inc VAT depending on location, time and needs. Longer sessions are available on request. Get in touch to enquire.

Individual Sound Therapy Sessions

​Individual sound therapy sessions are very beneficial in many ways. They are tailored to your specific needs formulated from a variety of detoxing, balancing, de-stressing, resetting, grounding or uplifting modalities.

After welcoming you, together we understand the purpose of your session and set an intention before embarking on a deep, relaxing treatment. Using the healing resonance of gongs and Himalayan singing bowls surrounding and on the body, along with other instruments we are able to reach a therapeutic state beyond relaxation. Frequencies create sympathetic reactions and this is where the body is able to work through energetic blockages whether emotional, mental or physical.

Pricing per hour ranges from £90 to £250 inc VAT depending on location, time and needs.

Get in touch to enquire.

Check out my WORKSHOPS & EVENTS page for details of upcoming sound healing events.

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