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16th Sept
15:00 - 17:00

Price: from £25

yin yoga + cacao ceremony
+ sound journey

After a refreshing summer break, we are delighted to announce our return with our next yoga, cacao, and sound journey, taking place at the beautiful Study Society in Hammersmith. This event will be truly special, as we are thrilled to be joined by a talented group of singers, musicians, and healers, all coming together to lead us on a transformative journey into the heart of cacao medicine. The program will begin with gentle movement to prepare your body and soul. We will then continue by setting intentions and serving the sacred cacao. Finally, we will get comfy and cosy for the sound journey, which will be brought to you by a group of wonderful musicians and healers. Cacao, a delicious, nourishing elixir, and superfood contains high levels of nutrients and bioactive compounds with proven benefits increasing resilience to stress and improving cognitive abilities. The effect of the cacao will be boosted by the sacred sounds of gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, Koshi bells, therapeutic percussion, and more. The combination of yoga, cacao, and sound provides one of the best ways to reach a state of full-body bliss, amplifying their power to open the heart, expand the mind, and connect with the infinite intelligence of the body. Prepare to leave feeling rejuvenated and uplifted!

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