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yin yoga + cacao ceremony + sound journey

Veronika returns to host her next yoga, cacao and sound journey event, this time in collaboration with DJ, music producer and sound therapist Laura Klovaite. Yoga, cacao and sound are one of the best ways to reach a state of full-body bliss. Combining these three methods amplifies their power to open the heart, to expand the mind and to connect to the infinite intelligence of the body.

yin yoga + cacao ceremony + sound journey

We will begin with a gentle yin yoga sequence to prepare your body and soul for the cacao and sound bath that will follow. Expect to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and rested. We will then harness the natural healing powers of Cacao, which is a delicious, nourishing elixir, a superfood used for 3000 years. The word cacao translates as “food of the gods”. It contains high levels of nutrients and bioactive compounds with proven benefits increasing resilience to stress and improving cognitive abilities. The effect of the cacao is boosted by sacred sounds combining electronic music with ancient healing instruments. During the second part of the event, we will get comfy and cosy for the sound bath, where we’ll bathe in the different sounds of gongs, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, Koshi bells, therapeutic percussion and more.

Designed to set you free to drift to wherever the sound takes you, the sound bath experience can support you in clearing mental, emotional, and physical blockages and leaving you with a feeling of clarity and deep relaxation.

triyoga yin, vinyasa and hot yoga teacher, Veronika have been passionate about sound and music since she was a child. Following 12 years of musical training in piano, she discovered and began to use Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and other therapeutic instruments. She studied with various teachers in Nepal and Europe, including gong master Don Conreaux and have been offering sound therapy sessions and sound baths since 2015.

Laura is a Lithuanian-born London-based DJ and sound therapist deeply intertwined in the local electronic music scene both as an artist and curator, and well-loved for her genuine and warm energy behind the decks. She carefully selects music and weaves together worlds that allow for experimental music, 4th world ambient, house music and much more to effortlessly coexist, taking your experience to the next level.

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